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Clan Baxter

Clan Baxter is a Scottish family or kin-group which does not have a recognised chief and is therefore considered an armigerous clan.


The name Baxter comes from the Scots form of the word 'baker'. <ref>David Doward, Dictionary of Scottish Surnames, 15</ref> The baker of bread was a person of great importance to any household. <ref>George Way of Plean and Romilly Squire, Scottish Clan and Family Encyclopedia, 358</ref>


The name appears throughout Scotland and on the west coast it is generally held to be a sept of Clan MacMillan. However, in Fife there was an independent family. <ref>Plean, Squire, Encyclopedia, 359</ref> Reginald Baxter is listed as a witness of a gift to the church of Wemyss between 1200 and 1240.<ref>Plean, Squire, Encyclopedia, 359</ref>

Jeffery le Baxtere of Forfar is noted as taking an oath of fealty in 1296.<ref>Plean, Squire, Encyclopedia, 359</ref> Black suggests that as Forfar was the site of a royal residence at the time, these Baxters may have been bakers to the royal household.<ref>Plean, Squire, Encyclopedia, 359</ref> The name is still prominent in Fife.

The Baxters of Earlshall aquired a notable baronial castle and lived there until the early 1990s. <ref></ref> <ref>Plean, Squire, Encyclopedia, 359</ref>

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