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Clan Belshes

Clan Belshes is a Scottish family or kin group who do not have a chief and are therefore considered an armigerous clan


This name has a geographical origin. The lands of Belshes were part of the Lord-ship of Jedburgh in the county of Roxburghshire. <ref>George Way of Plean and Romilly Squire, Scottish Clan and Family Encyclopedia, 360</ref> Black states that the name may be derived from Bellasis in Seine-et-Marne, France. <ref>Plean, Squire, Encyclopedia, 360</ref> This implies a Norman origin. There were lands with the same name in Northumberland. <ref>Plean, Squire, Encyclopedia, 360</ref> Richard de Belchis has sufficient status to own a seal, which is shown by Henry Lang in his catalogue Ancient Scottish Seals (1850).<ref>Plean, Squire, Encyclopedia, 360</ref>

Nisbet gives the principle family as Belshes of that Ilk and shows a cadet family, the Belshes of Tofts.<ref>Plean, Squire, Encyclopedia, 360</ref> Alexander Belshes of Tofts was a burgess of Glasgow in 1631.<ref>Plean, Squire, Encyclopedia, 360</ref> The direct line of the family ended in the sixteenth century.<ref>Plean, Squire, Encyclopedia, 360</ref>

The name is now rare and may be extinct.

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