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Clan Butter is a Scottish kin group or family who do not have a recognised chief and are therefore considered an armigerous clan.


This name has a long history in Perthshire where they have held land near Pitlochry since the twelfth century. <ref>George Way of Plean and Romilly Squire, Scottish Clan and Family Encyclopedia, 367</ref> Black suggested that their name might derive from the Gaelic 'bothar' meaning 'cattle Road'. <ref>Plean, Squire, Encyclopedia, 367</ref>

Sixteenth Century

In 1554 John Butter of Gormok was outlawed for taking part in the murder of George Drummond of Leidcrief during a feud.<ref>Plean, Squire, Encyclopedia, 367</ref>

In 1598 Patrick Butter was indicted for besieging the House of Ashintully and imprisoning the laird, Andrew Spalding.<ref>Plean, Squire, Encyclopedia, 367</ref>

Nineteenth Century

During the 1850s Lt. Col. Archibald Butter of Faskally served in the Crimea. .<ref>Plean, Squire, Encyclopedia, 368</ref>

Twentieth Century

Major Sir David Butter (1920-2010) was a soldier who was also Lord Lietenant of Perthshire until his death. <ref>http://www.heraldscotland.com/comment/obituaries/major-sir-david-butter-lord-lieutenant-of-perthshire-and-soldier-1.1038648</ref>