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Dunlop are a Scottish family or kin-group which does not have a chief recognised by the Lord Lyon and is therefore considered an armigerous clan.

Dunlop arms.png

Dunlop arms as shown in Alexander Nisbet's System of Heraldry (1722)


This name is associated with the lands of Dunlop in Ayrshire. It may derive from 'dun lub' meaning 'fort at the bend'. <ref>Plean, Squire, Encyclopedia, 385</ref> It might also come from 'dunlapach' meaning 'muddy hill'.<ref>Plean, Squire, Encyclopedia, 385</ref>

Middle Ages

Around 1260 Dominus Willelmus de Dunlop is a witness to a deed in the burgh of Irvine. The name appears on the Ragman Roll of submissions to Edward I. <ref>Plean, Squire, Encyclopedia, 385</ref>

In 1496 a family first styled themselves 'Dunlop of that Ilk'. <ref>David Dorward, Dictionary of Scottish Surnames</ref>

Constantyn Dunlop of that Ilk was summonded to parliament as a minor baron at the end of the fifteenth century.<ref>Plean, Squire, Encyclopedia, 385</ref>

Seventeenth Century

In 1698 John Dunlop of that Ilk was among the investors in the ill-fated Darien Scheme. <ref>James Samuel Barbour, A History of William Paterson and the Darien Company, (Edinburgh, 1907) 262</ref>

Later History

The family lived at Dunlop until the nineteenth century. James Dunlop of Dunlop commanded a brigade under Wellington in the Peninsular War of 1808-14 and became a major general.<ref>Plean, Squire, Encyclopedia, 385</ref> His eldest son was MP for Ayr and became a baronet in 1838. The title became extinct in 1858.<ref>Plean, Squire, Encyclopedia, 385</ref>

Another prominent Dunlop family were professors and principles of the University of Glasgow. <ref>Dorward, Surnames, 80</ref> Another branch were prominent Glasgow shipbuilders and merchants, and Sir Thomas Dunlop was Lord Provost of Glasgow for a period in the early twentieth century. <ref>Plean, Squire, Encyclopedia, 386</ref>

John Boyd Dunlop perfected the pneumatic tyre in the 1880s. <ref>Dorward, Dictionary, 80</ref>


There is no recognised chief of Clan Dunlop. <ref></ref>

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