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Lammie are a Scottish kin-group without a chief, therefore considered an armigerous clan.


Black stated that this name is a diminutive of Lamb. <ref>Plean, Squire, Encyclopedia, 412</ref>

Middle Ages

Alexander Lambie recieved a charter from David II of lands in the barony of Crail in Fife. Liolph and Nigel Lamby appear in Montrose between 1372 and 1379. <ref>Plean, Squire, Encyclopedia, 412</ref>

Gilbert Lambie and John Lambie appear as a jurors on the 13th of March 1303 at an inquest in Fife. <ref>PoMS, accessed 13th May 2014</ref>

Sixteenth Century

In 1542 the L'Amys held the lands of Dunkenny.<ref>Plean, Squire, Encyclopedia, 412</ref>

Andrew Lamby was accused of complicity in the murder of David Rizzio, favourite of Mary, Queen of Scots in 1566. <ref>Plean, Squire, Encyclopedia, 412</ref>


The family arms allude to bishop's croziers and a saltire and this may be a reference to the family's connection with the archbishopric of St. Andrews and Archbishop Lamerton, Chancellor of Scotland and perhaps compiler of the Declaration of Abroath. <ref>Plean, Squire, Encyclopedia, 412</ref>

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