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About Scotsdiaspora

Scotsdiaspora is based on the proven ‘Wiki’ format. It has one simple aim- to become the ‘go to’ location for anyone seeking any type of information on Scotland. But this will only happen with your commitment and input, as the majority of our content will be user generated. Imagine anything you would ever want to know about Scotland, its history, landscape, peoples, and its historic clan system- all in one easily searchable location.

Imagine thousands of people contributing to that resource –academics, society organisations, games organisers, institutions, personal interest contributors, hobbyists, legal experts secular contributors from across the faiths, historians, anyone and everyone in effect who can add to and extend the collective knowledge base. Imagine a self regulating and expanding contributor base with minimal moderation. Our main stipulation for contributions is that they must be factual and have a Scottish connection.

We also ask that you reference your sources to attribute credit to the authorities whose research you are drawing on, and to protect users from copyright issues. We aim to present all our articles in an authoritative an encyclopedic format- but remember that our Wiki is not a forum for contention but rather a user generated resource, which we urge you treat with respect and also respect differences of opinion between users. To help new users create their first pages and to spell out exactly how the Wiki works, see our Contributing to and Editing Scotsdiaspora section.