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Amigerous Clan

The arrms of Clan Abercromby

An armigerous clan is a Scottish clan, family or name which is registered with the Court of the Lord Lyon and once had a chief but does not have a chief currently recognized as such by Court of the Lord Lyon. They are clans where the chiefdom is vacant or disputed.

Many kin groups catagorised as 'armigerous clans' are lowland gentry families who are unlikely to have ever had a chiefly tradition. In many cases their current circumstances are obscure, reflecting failures of dynastic fortune and the massive social changes which overtook the British landed classes in the wake of the First World War.

The term 'armigerous' is a heraldic term which means that a person or people are entitled to bear heraldic arms <ref></ref> Armigerous families therefore have officially recognised heraldry.

Finding Clan Chiefs

Many armigerous clans are dormant. This means that they are not currently united by a family association or any leadership which promotes a common identity and heritage associated with the name. Others are most likely extinct in that no modern family bears the name.

The process of achieving recognition of a clan chief is long and complex. <ref></ref> Despite this in modern times a number of armigerous clans have produced claimants who have successfully petitioned to be recognised as chiefs. These include the Cumming and Davidson families, chiefs of which were recognised in 1997 and were admitted to the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs and the Strange and Trotter families who were admitted in 1995 and 1996 respectively. <ref>George Way of Plean and Romilly Squire, Scottish Clan and Family Encyclopedia, 344</ref>

In 2007 Richard Barclay Allardice of Allardice was recognised by the Lord Lyon as chief of Clan Allardice

In December 2013 Sir John Cunningham was recognised by the Lyon King of Arms as chief of Clan Cunningham and Lord Kilmaurs. <ref></ref> There had not been a chief since the eighteenth century.

The Council for Scottish Armigerous Clans and Families

A new body, the Council for Scottish Armigerous Clans and Families, was constituted in 2010. <ref></ref> The Council has two primary aims.

  • To aid 'chiefless' clans and families to obtain official recognition as Clans, through the election or appointment of a hereditary Chief, by the Lord Lyon, King of Arms of Scotland.<ref></ref>

List of Armigerous Clans

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